Pet Travel after Brexit

Ferry Brexit will affect your pets too!

Brexit will affect your pets too!

Travelling with your pets to the EU will change when the UK leaves the EU.

It all depends on how the EU categorises the UK. The EU has three categories
  • Listed - Part 1
  • Listed - Part 2
  • Unlisted

 Listed - Part 1

 Should the UK become Part 1 listed, the rules on pet travel will barely alter from the current system - the existing timescales and health preparations in place under the EUPTS will remain virtually unchanged.

 Listed - Part 2

If the UK is given Part 2 listed status, there would be some extra requirements for travelling pets and owners after Brexit. These would require an additional visit to the vet and some additional papers to be carried.

Health certificates would be required, & would be valid for only ten days from the date of issue for entry into the European Union, and for four months' onward travel within the EU. These health certificates would need to be issued before each trip from the UK to the EU.

Owners travelling with their pet will also be required to report to a Travellers' Point of Entry upon arrival in an EU country.


 If the UK is given unlisted, third country status, by the EU, owners who wish to travel with their pets from the UK to the EU will need to discuss their specific preparations and requirements with an Official Veterinarian at least four months before their desired travel date.

 Pet Travel Scheme helpline

 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Tel: 0370 241 1710
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